We developed a new musical over Zoom. I didn’t know how to do that, but we figured it out together and excitingly (and somewhat surprisingly), it worked. Some context. Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie aka Noisemaker are currently developing a piece called Ceilidh, which is a wonderfully heart-warming piece about Scottish culture, and Ceilidh, and community. Having reached the end of a first draft and needing some actors to breathe life into it, Scott and Claire partnered up with GoodspeedRead more

Develop Your Creative Practice

Today is the first official day of my adventure supported by ACE’s Develop Your Creative Practice fund. I applied last October and I’m so grateful to have some time and space to think and plan and research. My application was based around making work with and for young people – an area of work that I’ve fallen into and love – but I’ve never properly done any training in. I’m researching the work of Company Three, an incredible youth theatreRead more