Pantomime Awards 2022

I’m so buzzing for the team that our pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk has been nominated in three categories at the Pantomime Awards 2022. James Cook has been nominated for Sound Design, Rebekah Hughes has been nominated for Musical Direction, and the show itself has been nominated in the Best Digital Pantomime category. It was a huge undertaking to create a show presented in digital format so I thought it was worth sharing a few reflections on how we didRead more

Get out of the weeds

‘Get out of the weeds’ is an instruction I give myself when I’m deep into rehearsal and starting to obsess about whether props are on stage left or stage right – or any other bitty minutiae that isn’t related to the trunk of the story tree but is easier to grapple with than life’s big questions. There’s a magnetism to those solvable tiny problems which can be a black hole for me – it feels productive but it drains myRead more