And that’s – MAGIC!

I finally fulfilled my childhood dream of working on a magic show. As Associate Director to Lloyd Wood, I even got to travel the world (well, Beirut and Dubai!) bringing magic to the Middle East!

IMPOSSIBLE is a magic show featuring the world’s best magicians in a line up that really is amazing and mind boggling. Stunts, card magic, mind reading, stage magic, pickpocketing, illusions and effects. In our company over the year or so I was part of the show, we had

Magical Bones

Chris Cox

Sabine van Diemen

Jonathan Goodwin

Ben Hart

Josephine Lee

Lee Thompson

Alongside a ferociously gifted magic assistant team: Jeanine Desmier, Louise Douglas, Sam Quested, Milly Smith, Hannah Whittingham.

It’s probably the only workplace in the world where a normal topic of conversation is which assistant will be chopped in half next.

I joined the circus and I LOVED it.

Produced by Jamie Hendry Productions

Designed by Andrew Edwards

Lighting Design by Howard Harrison

UK Tour/ Noel Coward Theatre/ International Tour