Errol’s Garden is going back out on tour for the summer of 2022, and as my wing woman Anna Hale isn’t available to work on the remount, I needed to recruit an assistant director for the tour. Having got a job myself via OpenHire in the last quarter of 2021, I wanted to advertise the role rather than pick a name out of my head. OpenHire was started by freelance directors Derek Bond and Josh Roche in September 2020, in the hope of improvingRead more

Pantomime Awards 2022

I’m so buzzing for the team that our pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk has been nominated in three categories at the Pantomime Awards 2022. James Cook has been nominated for Sound Design, Rebekah Hughes has been nominated for Musical Direction, and the show itself has been nominated in the Best Digital Pantomime category. It was a huge undertaking to create a show presented in digital format so I thought it was worth sharing a few reflections on how we didRead more

Get out of the weeds

‘Get out of the weeds’ is an instruction I give myself when I’m deep into rehearsal and starting to obsess about whether props are on stage left or stage right – or any other bitty minutiae that isn’t related to the trunk of the story tree but is easier to grapple with than life’s big questions. There’s a magnetism to those solvable tiny problems which can be a black hole for me – it feels productive but it drains myRead more

Two years to opening night

This week we opened the new musical Henrietta with the National Youth Music Theatre. Here’s a piece I wrote for the programme about the development process. #WeLoveNewMusicals – Henrietta from workshop to production Welcome to Henrietta, an utterly magical new musical written by Katie Lam and Alex Parker. This is the sixth new piece I’ve supported the development of as part of NYMT’s commitment to new British Musicals and it has already been on quite a journey. NYMT has premieredRead more

Back in the world

So I’ve recently returned to in-person rehearsals after a year of life being entirely online. And gosh – it was wonderful! Inspiring! Three Dimensional! Creative.. Collaborative.. ..but it was also a lot. I know that day will be approaching for lots of other people so I thought I’d document how it went for us, what we put in place to protect our bodies and our minds after a year out of the game and how those things made a differenceRead more


We developed a new musical over Zoom. I didn’t know how to do that, but we figured it out together and excitingly (and somewhat surprisingly), it worked. Some context. Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie aka Noisemaker are currently developing a piece called Ceilidh, which is a wonderfully heart-warming piece about Scottish culture, and Ceilidh, and community. Having reached the end of a first draft and needing some actors to breathe life into it, Scott and Claire partnered up with GoodspeedRead more

Develop Your Creative Practice

Today is the first official day of my adventure supported by ACE’s Develop Your Creative Practice fund. I applied last October and I’m so grateful to have some time and space to think and plan and research. My application was based around making work with and for young people – an area of work that I’ve fallen into and love – but I’ve never properly done any training in. I’m researching the work of Company Three, an incredible youth theatreRead more


This article was commissioned by and first appeared on the Liverpool Transition Town blog, which you can access here.  At some point around the beginning of March, I took up jogging. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with it, but there’s nothing like being told you are only allowed outside for exercise to create an instant burning need to get on with doing that thing you never thought possible before.  Every day I jog past my local theatre. It’s aRead more

Legend Trippers

Produced by Jeremy Walker for the National Youth Music Theatre  Written by Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie Choreographed by Darragh O’Leary Designed by Diego Pitarch Musical Director Chris Poon Lighting Design by Aaron Dootson Sound Design by Gareth Tucker for Autograph Production photographs taken by Konrad BartelskiRead more

Don’t Tell Me Not To Fly

This has been a journey of collaboration and discovery, the first time I’ve been invited to pitch a concept and then bring a team together to develop that concept into an hour long Edinburgh show. The wonderful team at Underbelly asked me to suggest a format and initially I pitched the idea of a behind-the-people look at some of our favourite West End leading ladies, asking them questions that uncovered some of their favourite memories of their lives and careers.Read more


If you haven’t already, hop on over to Twitter and follow the incredible Tamara Harvey who has been inspiring me every day with tales from the front line of working and parenting in theatre. The reality of needing to finish a scene while you can hear baby screaming outside the door, or breastfeeding through a meeting and wondering whether colleagues are ok with it – every single tweet really resonated with me. I’ve been considering posting something about this onRead more

Snow White and Me

A new musical with book and lyrics by Ronald Kruschak and Philip LaZebnik, and music and lyrics by Pippa Cleary. Presented at the Delfont Room, Prince of Wales Theatre, 29th June 2018. Musical Director: Mark Collins Cast: Matthew Barrow Laura Barnard Lara Denning Adam Hepworth Emma Housley Callum Howells Curtis Medley Rebecca Ridout Lizzie Wofford Sound: Mike Thacker for Orbital Stage Manager: Antonia Petruccelli Produced by Bettina Weyers for Gallissas PS. After the presentation, I had a lovely chat withRead more

BEAM 2018

Whoosh went the years – two of them – and here we are once more preparing for the biggest musical theatre event of the year: BEAM. (Go here for a description of last time.) This time we are taking over Theatre Royal Stratford East on March 1st and 2nd and will be filling every nook and cranny with all things new musical theatre. As well as 25 minute long rehearsed readings of eight new musicals, there will be the usualRead more

And that’s – MAGIC!

I finally fulfilled my childhood dream of working on a magic show. As Associate Director to Lloyd Wood, I even got to travel the world (well, Beirut and Dubai!) bringing magic to the Middle East! IMPOSSIBLE is a magic show featuring the world’s best magicians in a line up that really is amazing and mind boggling. Stunts, card magic, mind reading, stage magic, pickpocketing, illusions and effects. In our company over the year or so I was part of the show,Read more