If you haven’t already, hop on over to Twitter and follow the incredible Tamara Harvey who has been inspiring me every day with tales from the front line of working and parenting in theatre. The reality of needing to finish a scene while you can hear baby screaming outside the door, or breastfeeding through a meeting and wondering whether colleagues are ok with it – every single tweet really resonated with me. I’ve been considering posting something about this onRead more

Snow White and Me

A new musical with book and lyrics by Ronald Kruschak and Philip LaZebnik, and music and lyrics by Pippa Cleary. Presented at the Delfont Room, Prince of Wales Theatre, 29th June 2018. Musical Director: Mark Collins Cast: Matthew Barrow Laura Barnard Lara Denning Adam Hepworth Emma Housley Callum Howells Curtis Medley Rebecca Ridout Lizzie Wofford Sound: Mike Thacker for Orbital Stage Manager: Antonia Petruccelli Produced by Bettina Weyers for Gallissas PS. After the presentation, I had a lovely chat withRead more

BEAM 2018

Whoosh went the years – two of them – and here we are once more preparing for the biggest musical theatre event of the year: BEAM. (Go here for a description of last time.) This time we are taking over Theatre Royal Stratford East on March 1st and 2nd and will be filling every nook and cranny with all things new musical theatre. As well as 25 minute long rehearsed readings of eight new musicals, there will be the usualRead more

And that’s – MAGIC!

I finally fulfilled my childhood dream of working on a magic show. As Associate Director to Lloyd Wood, I even got to travel the world (well, Beirut and Dubai!) bringing magic to the Middle East! IMPOSSIBLE is a magic show featuring the world’s best magicians in a line up that really is amazing and mind boggling. Stunts, card magic, mind reading, stage magic, pickpocketing, illusions and effects. In our company over the year or so I was part of the show,Read more

We love new musicals!

I’m writing this from the Sitzprobe of THE BATTLE OF BOAT – we’ve come to the end of our rehearsal week here at Sevenoaks and are preparing to move into the Kingston Rose next week for tech. ‘WE LOVE NEW MUSICALS!’ has been the chant this week – dealing with the usual exhaustion, exhilaration, joys and challenges of eating, sleeping and breathing the show. Our young cast have astonished us with their levels of professionalism and courage in approaching thisRead more

A little light reading

I’m a huge bookworm. It’s a problem. I’m forever buying, lending and recommending books. I can’t get through an airport without buying at least three and online bookshopping is something of an addiction. Maybe this post is just to prove that I really do read them all – but I wanted to share some of my favourite books about theatre and creativity. 1) Theatre for Children by David Wood This is a wonderful book filled with ideas and provocations about whatRead more

The Battle of Boat

I’ve just finished an intense and inspiring week with the cast of the National Youth Music Theatre‘s summer show THE BATTLE OF BOAT. We survived a week of the usual NYMT madness – 7am firedrills, more sponge puddings than you can possibly imagine, daily reprints of the script and everyone on different page numbers, three course breakfasts that send you into a haze before you’ve reached morning tea break.. And 27 of the most brilliant young people chosen from all overRead more

Prodigy original cast recording

We made a cast recording. It was amazing. And hard. After the huge success of PRODIGY at the St James Theatre last summer, the company worked together to raise the funds to able to head into the studio. We worked with the amazing Nikki and Joe at Auburn Jam who are the ABSOLUTE GENIUS BEST in the business and dealt admirably with not only the actor/muso madness AND the Jake and Pippa madness but also the general Prodigy team madness – theyRead more


… What does it stand for? As an acronym, nothing. As a collection of the most passionate and committed people from all over the country, it stands for all things NEW MUSICAL – a two day gathering of writers, composers, lyricists, actors, directors, producers, programmers, representatives from regional theatres, arts professionals and industry-based musical theatre lovers who all came together at the Park Theatre to share and hear work across the spectrum of British Musical Theatre. A bit like Cannes – forRead more

Out in the Army

These pictures are of the Spring 2016 workshop of OUT IN THE ARMY by James Robert Moore, based on the book by James Wharton. It tells the story of the first openly gay soldier in the British Military and how he fought to overcome institutional prejudice and hatred at the highest levels whilst fighting for his country in Iraq. James and I have been working on the piece for a little under two years and are developing it with choreographer DarraghRead more

Midnight thoughts on Assistant Directors

A longish and perhaps sentimental post about THE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. Any assistant director, but at this point in time, especially Cherilyn Woo. I took a workshop last week for aspiring directors and writers in Singapore and one of them asked me the question ‘what’s the difference between the director and the assistant director?’ After the initial caveats about it being hugely dependent on the personalities of both director and assistant, plus everyone else in the room and the scope of theRead more

A very long ramble about casting. Make tea first.

Over the last few days I’ve told a few actor friends various bits of this and they have asked/ requested me to put it into a form that can be shared more widely. Apparently I’m interesting.. Who knew?.. After the 43rd page it may be less interesting. Here goes. I should probably start with the caveat that much of this is applicable mainly to smaller scale jobs, certainly the big musical casting machine operates in a big musical casting machineRead more

Thoughts. Notes. Our Prodigy team.

I am walking very slowly today. System shutdown due to having too many programmes open at once? We are about to start tech for Prodigy at the St James Theatre and the team have just returned from an intense and quite mind blowing week of rehearsals in Sevenoaks, with rewrites every day, up to five rehearsals happening at once and scheduling for the next 24 hours taking the entire lunch break. Here are some things I will want to remember..Read more