Lowry Theatre, Salford Quays

By Andy Collyer and Simon Warne
Adapted from the novella by L. Frank Baum

Produced by Aria Entertainment
Musical Director Alex Beetschen
Choreographer Lucinda Lawrence
Design Stewart J Charlesworth
Lighting Design Aaron J Dootson
Sound Design Andrew Johnson
Costume Supervisor Bianca Menghelli
Props Supervisor Janet Caddick
Casting Director Jane Deitch
Production Management Andy Fox and Lee Batty for Setting Line

‘Claus is engaging and immersive from the second you walk in – a wonderfully exciting and welcoming way to enter the theatre and create the presence of warmth, love, acceptance, inclusion and family – all themes that run beautifully throughout the show. The set and staging of Claus are glorious.  It is like a magical playground, with balconies to climb, poles to slide down, cubby holes to hide in, and ledges to jump off and over. It really does provide a playful vibe and combined with the lighting and intricate costumes, it is so easy to believe you are indeed in the enchanting forest of Burzee.’

The Arts Shelf
‘Working with a top notch design team, director Kate Golledge brings Baum’s enchanted Burzee to life in a production bursting with heart, creativity and joyous stagecraft, incorporating slick, fluid choreography, traditional stage techniques such as shadow puppetry and traditional puppetry, and reminding us of the power of limitless theatrical imagination.’


Production photographs by Pamela Raith