Develop Your Creative Practice

Today is the first official day of my adventure supported by ACE’s Develop Your Creative Practice fund. I applied last October and I’m so grateful to have some time and space to think and plan and research.

My application was based around making work with and for young people – an area of work that I’ve fallen into and love – but I’ve never properly done any training in. I’m researching the work of Company Three, an incredible youth theatre company based in Islington who co-create work with teenagers, and Theatr na nÓg, a company in South Wales who commission and programme work for primary school aged children. All of this will be underpinned by an ongoing conversation and mentorship with the Creative Learning Manager of my local theatre.

Today is the first of the Company Three online sessions, we have a little DYCP group and I can’t wait to get going.

If anyone is thinking of applying but put off by the forms, or Grantium, or imposter syndrome, or the procrastination pixies (like me 6 months ago) then please hit me up and I’ll gladly share what I know. It’s really not as impenetrable as it seems.