Written by Ian McFarlane

The Kings Head Theatre

Designer Hamish Peters
Lighting Designer Peter Harrison
Choreographer Lucie Pankhurst
Musical Director Robert Emery


Remote Goat
“The amount of talent at the King’s Head Theatre that night was so abundant it was obscene. Hopefully the full crowd could walk away having soaked up some of it by osmosis.”

Camden New Journal
“Betwixt is a joy to behold, leaving all inhibitions at the door of reality, diving headfirst into a enchanting magical world where love grows, friendships flourish and good overcomes evil.
Prepare to depart from reality and lose yourself in this uplifting comedy.”

UK TheatreWeb
“Almost every number is a winner and under the tight direction of Kate Golledge the songs and scenes flow seamlessly into each other. Grab a ticket while you can.”