Chicken Little

by Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary

Produced by the Singapore Repertory Theatre
Set and costume design by Susannah Henry Wood
Choreography by Seong Hui Xuan
ighting Design by Gabriel Chan

Production photographs taken by Watson Lau


Bak Chormee Boy
‘This is quality musical theatre at its finest, with high production value and incredibly enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Chicken Little is all the proof you need to see that children’s theatre has as much potential as other shows when given the proper treatment and respect, and as an audience member, is a welcome burst of sunshine guaranteed to start off anyone’s morning on a good note.’

Life’s Tiny Miracles
‘Yes, the sky will indeed fall if you don’t go to catch this world-class production. Not only is it a classic children’s tale, the production is engaging, high-quality and therefore perfect to make that family’s day out memorable!’

Our Parenting World
‘A highly entertaining and colourful musical that comes with catchy songs that the whole family can enjoy!’

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