Disney: The Castle

Created and Produced by Balich Wonder Studio in collaboration with Propeller Live, Tim Lawson, and Disney Concerts for Riyadh Season 2023 with Sela.

This was the world premiere of DISNEY: THE CASTLE, a brand new format that allows audiences to step into the magic of Disney’s most beloved music through immersive musical worlds, live performances, interactive installations and special concerts around the towering Disney Castle.

The hit songs of Frozen, Aladdin, Encanto, The Lion King and more are brought to life in this electrifying family festival.

Show Writer and Director: Kate Golledge

Production Designer/ Design Director: Ruby Law
Musical Supervisor, Orchestrator, Producer: Ben Frost
Musical Director and Vocal Arranger: Deke Sharon
Lighting Designers: Tim Lutkin and Tim Van t’Hof
Video Designers: Khristian Bork, Mesmer, Northouse
Costume and Prop Designers: Carlos Navarrete and Simon Wells
Choreographer: Nathan J Clarke
Associate Director: Ellis Kerkhoven
Saudi Creative Associate: Lana Wafa
Associate Choreographer: Jorgia Vaughan
Associate Musical Director: Chris Ma
Casting Director: Jane Deitch
Sound Designer: Jason Rauhaff
Associate Sound Designer: Steven Zeller

for Balich Wonder Studio:
Executive Producer: Samuel Orme
Project Manager: Francesca Marciano
Creative Producer: Andrea Moccia
Creative Coordinator: Camilla Levi
Branding Coordinator: Ariana Pricca
Content Producer: Catherine Hayward
Project Coordinator: Sofia De Bartolomeis
Art Director: Alessandro Bergomi

Cast: Michaela Agius, Alicia Aquino, Rebecca Bolton, Gabrielle Cummings, Kanoumah Diguet, Jemima Eaton, Youssef El Gherez, Alex James Ellison, Joe Grundy, Tom Emery, Nedal Jaber, Maison Kelley, Fraser McAdam, Zoe Miller, Christopher Redwood, Henrique Rizzo, Safi, Bethany Swain, Marina Tavolieri, Harry Winchester, Shehab Younes, Youssef Zikry.

The company of Baraka: Martin Male, Nabunwa Yoweri Nyunyu, Nampiima Bridget, Nano Fahima Mustafa, Devis Edgar Ssenoga, Twine Davis. 

Stage Management Team: Ryan Colbran, Luisa Cassab, Saida Abdullayeva, Welah Hatta, Sultan Omran, Hamaya Orujova, Mia Pena-Vasquez Barazza, Noor Saaed

Disney: The Castle Sizzle Reel