Jerry’s Girls

A revue show celebrating the life and ladies of Jerry Herman

St. James Theatre Studio, March 2015
Jermyn Street Theatre, May 2015

Produced by Katy Lipson for Aria Entertainment and Guy James

Choreographed by Matthew James Cole
Musical Director Edward Court
Designed by Becky Gunstone
Lighting Design by Peter Harrison

Production Photographs taken by Darren Bell (1-7) and Poppy Carter (8 – 11)


The Stage 4*
“Jerry Herman’s iconic songs are glorious and contemporary in this must-see revue showcasing some incredible vocal talent. An enchanting tribute to one of musical theatre’s finest songwriters.”

West End Wilma 5*
“I suggest using your best tricks to blag a ticket to this wonderful show, before it finishes.”

London Theatre 5*
“Everything in this show worked perfectly. Director Kate Golledge really knows how to use the intimate space in the St James Studio to great effect. Jerry’s Girls is a must-see for any fan of musical theatre. ”

West End Frame 4*
“Jerry’s Girls is a blissful and insightful evening, shining the light on an exceptionally talented theatrical legend. Kate Golledge’s production is slick and insightful whilst allowing the cast to be spontaneous and bounce off the audience. ”

So So Gay 5*
“You’ll laugh unexpectedly one moment, and find yourself wiping away a tear the next.”

Musical Theatre Review 5*
“If there’s an empty seat in the next fortnight, it will be little short of criminal.”

The Public Reviews 4*
“Jerry Herman has enjoyed a mini-renaissance in the last couple of years with UK premieres of ‘forgotten’ shows Dear World and The Grand Tour. This revue should add to his reputation.”

Entertainment Focus 5*
“This is a joyous, vital and tightly choreographed production and is a must-see for those who love Herman – and even those who don’t.”

British Theatre 5*
“This is a genuinely terrific night in the musical theatre. Gypsy aside, there is nothing to touch it currently playing in London in terms of value for money and sheer, unrelenting happiness.”

Bargain Theatre 5*
“An energetic, yet emotive performance which is handled with great care. A thoroughly entertaining experience, peppered with glamour, humour and most importantly, fantastic songs.”

The Upcoming 4*
“Warm, exciting, humorous, emotional and reminiscent, this revival has it all. Head down to the Jermyn Street Theatre where you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.”

Londonist 4*
“If ever there existed a heaven for showtunes, Jerry’s Girls might just be it.”

Everything Theatre 5*
“The direction was natural and beautifully creative – this show is a genuine must see for musical lovers.”

Remote Goat 5*
“Expertly directed by Kate Golledge, this is quite definitely the best show ever.”

Jonathan Baz 4*
“Kate Golledge directs assuredly, with an entertaining eye for detail. My one regret was not having discovered this gem of a show sooner so I could have had the opportunity to have returned to see it again.”

Plays To See 5*
“If you measure a successful evening by the quality of the performances on offer, the excellence of the material they have to work with, and the scale of the emotional journey that material takes you on then, with the possible exception of Gypsy at The Savoy, Jerry’s Girls is quite simply the best night out to be had in London.”

A Younger Theatre 4*
“An affectionate testimony to a hero of musical theatre.”

Thomas Magill 4*
“Jerry’s Girls is sublime and a perfect show to remind us of the genius that is Jerry Herman.”

Theatre Ghost 4*