Passport to Pimlico

A new adaptation by Alan Berlyn and Graham Whitlock

Musical Director Chris Whitehead
Choreography Darragh O’Leary
Designed by Curious Fair
Sound Design by Paul Gavin

Produced by Grassroots Productions for SouthWestFest in and around Pimlico


Musical Theatre Review
– Liam Rudden

“With an ensemble cast that boasts not one weak link, and a production team that co-ordinates the afternoon with military precision, they achieve the impossible.”

“Kate Golledge’s pacey direction also keeps the action flowing while allowing the ensemble the chance to explore their characters in fine detail.”

“This is immersive theatre at its best. Indeed, by the time audience members are asked to board a vintage Routemaster bound for the inquest into the treasure, they are no longer spectators but fully fledged Burgundians, ready to join in with the odd singalong and even a dance routine.”

“The highlight of this year’s South West Fest, it is perhaps most telling however, that despite the Mediterranean conditions and an epic running time of four hours, Passport to Pimlico held its audience entranced throughout.”