Comissioned and produced by Jeremy Walker for The National Youth Music Theatre

Written by Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary
Choreographed by Darragh O’Leary
Musical Director Candida Caldicot
Designer Diego Pitarch
Lighting Designer James Whiteside

Production photographs by James Whiteside and Matthew Hargreaves 

‘The making of’ Prodigy can be found here and here


Musical Theatre Review 4*
“Director Kate Golledge brings the complex plot together with finesse, and with choreographer Darragh O’Leary they utilise St James’ space; no mean feat with a 27-strong young cast with a decade’s spread of ages to command. The show really is a hearty, enjoyable affair for so many reasons.”

Jonathan Baz 4*
“These gifted performers under Kate Golledge’s perceptive direction are spot on. Prodigy offers much to celebrate in Britain’s musical theatre talent, both in composition and performing.”

So So Gay 5*
“It’s actually easy to forget that this is a young cast – so grown up, believable and intelligent are their performances that you’d think they’d been doing this professionally for years. It’s impossible to believe that it’s two solid weeks from day one of rehearsals to closing night – how a show this ambitious could be pulled off is astounding, and it’s a credit to director Kate Golledge, choreographer Darragh O’Leary and musical director Candida Caldicot.”