Red Riding Hood

by Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary

Produced by Paul Taylor-Mills
Designed by Simon Wells
Choreography by Ashley Nottingham
Musical Director Charlie Ingles

Production photographs by Garry Lake


The Stage 4*
‘Red Riding Hood is a thoughtful, and frankly exciting, adaptation of the popular children’s story.. Kate Golledge directs with a lightness of touch.. a perfectly formed, well-rounded piece of musical theatre for young people.’

London Theatre 5*
‘Children’s theatre has developed remarkably over the last 10-15 years and this show provides ample evidence of that: here we have a kids show with adult production values – the perfect recipe for kids’ entertainment at Christmas.’

Musical Theatre Review 4*
‘This upbeat, slightly off-beat take on the Red Riding Hood story is wholesome and fresh theatre for over-3s. The whole show is a credit to Kate Golledge – a coherently enjoyable piece of theatre.’

The Reviews Hub 4*
‘This version of Red Riding Hood is well conceived and beautifully delivered – a tale that’s both scary and uplifting.  With a feisty set of female characters and a cake-baking dad, it also sends out very positive gender messages to old and young. If you see one family show this Christmas, then this should be it, full of meaning and great fun.’