The Keyworkers Cycle

Assembly: The Teacher’s Play

Produced by the Almeida Theatre

By Sonali Bhattacharyya

Design by Kate Bunce (presented on the set design for The Chairs, designed by Cécile Trémolières and Naomi Kuyuck-Cohen)

Costume Design by Maariyah Sharjil

Lighting Design by Fraser Craig

Movement Direction by Darragh O’Leary

Sound Design by Mwen

Composed and Musically Directed by Zara Nunn

Casting Director Verity Naughton

Community Engagement Manager Jordana Golbourn

Assistant Director Jessica McKenna

Production photographs taken by Ali Wright

(more pictures to follow)


The Observer
‘A fresh, exuberant reminder of the chaos the pandemic caused in schools, splendidly directed by Kate Golledge.’

The Telegraph
‘A life-affirming, entertaining and affecting one-day wonder. A rare energy was palpable too; it felt radical to see this arty bastion teeming with those seldom seen on stage or in the stalls.’

The Stage
‘The plays have a cumulative power. Not only do they give key workers the spotlight, they act as a valuable reminder of just how hard those early days of the pandemic were for so many – the inequality, the isolation, the rules that so many of those in power blithely ignored – and as a portrait of the people who hold society together.’

The Guardian
‘A familiar story is freshly shocking when seen as a single piece of exuberant choric witness, with staff and kids singing for the same side.’

Evening Standard
‘This is a laudable enterprise and one worth supporting. I salute it for giving a voice and a platform to those we sentimentalise but too easily forget.’

The Times (Paywall)